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an interview with Laura – a story of weight loss – peace. love. quinoa

Aug 14

This is my beautiful BFF, Laura. Maybe you can’t tell from the photo but she exudes confidence and holds a strong presence (no matter where she goes). She is beautiful, funny, and FUN.

Recently, Laura dropped 30 lbs of unnecessary weight from her body in a 6 month period of time. Her tactic was not complicated, and was done almost without notice – until she walked in to a room 30 pounds lighter. Laura decided on a simple lifestyle change that was not complicated but rendered the results she was looking for. Blind-sided, people who don’t see Laura on a regular basis took an immediate notice to her new “look” – they had no idea she was even putting in the effort.

I wanted to share Laura’s story here at PLQ because of how attainable this accomplishment is for any and everyone. When I read through Laura’s story below, it seems as though the hardest part of losing 30 pounds is mentally preparing for it – allowing your mind and mouth to say no when your cravings and surroundings are saying yes. And then, stay focused. Laura didn’t exercise from sun up to sun down in order to lose the weight – sure, she does exercise, but she didn’t have to do it excessively. She simply changed her mind set, maintained focus on the goal, and learned to say NO.

What was it that made you decide to lose weight and how much weight did you lose?

I think it was a combination of things. What I remember most is my reflection in the mirror looked way different in pictures than I thought it did in real life – I thought I looked fine in the mirror Looking at a picture of myself was often times painful – I looked a lot more fluffy in photos than I was comfortable with. (I hate using the word fat, because it’s sounds so harsh.) Jeans and clothes were difficult to find. When I decided it was time to make a change, I did a complete 180 overnight. It wasn’t easy but it was necessary for me to keep motivated and I lost 30 pounds in 6 months and I’m keeping it off.

What were you main vices – sugar, bread, fast food??

There was no ONE thing, I LOVE food so I consistently overate AND I travel for work, so it was easy to fall into bad habits. Bread baskets, wine, appetizers, and desserts were some of my guilty indulgences.

Being over-served is a standard in restaurants these days so now I only eat half of what is on my plate and I move on. I realized that I have to say no to many things (that sounds so good!) and custom-order my food based on my specific dietary needs.

Had you tried to lose weight before? If so, what happened?

I’ve lost and gained weight almost my entire life.

“Diet” really is a buzz word, I would follow a “diet,” drop a bunch of weight and then return to my bad habits. Shortly after ending my “diet” I would gain weight back.  This time is different, I’ve chosen a complete lifestyle change vs. a fad diet. It’s not always easy, but I’ve found a way to incorporate my new habits in to my daily life. 

I will note that when I cut out dairy alone – my whole body felt rejuvenated and less bloated in 3 days. That was a major ah-ha!

What were the best and most successful techniques you used for losing weight?

I cut out all dairy, including milk, butter, yogurt and cheese. (I will note that when I cut out dairy alone – my whole body felt rejuvenated and less bloated in 3 days. That was a major ah-ha!) I also cut out processed foods. I said good-bye to breads, crackers, wraps, chips, and pasta.

I learned portion control. I measure my food at home and I make sure you stop eating when I am full!

I drink 1-2 liters of water a day to stay hydrated, and it makes my stomach feel full.

When I eat out, I ask for no cheese on my salads and I get my dressings on the side. If I order a sandwich, I’ll ask for no bun or bread.

Sometimes, life happens and I’ll slip up but then I move on and focus on the next meal.

What are some of your favorite foods to eat?

I eat a lot of beans, eggs, oatmeal, nuts, avocados, peaches, bananas, berries, vegan proteins (like veggie burgers from Trader Joes – sans the bun), and smoothies made with almond milk. I like to eat salads as a meal. I enjoy things like hummus & veggies as a snack. And if I am craving sweets, I’d go for something like these Dark Chocolate Avocado Truffles.

Tell us about your “cheat day”

When I first started losing weight, I let myself eat whatever I wanted and however much I wanted on Saturdays, my cheat day! This is a way of rewarding myself and curing any cravings I’m having. Ice cream, fried food and pizza are some of my favorite items I liked to treat myself to on Saturdays.

The more weight I lost, and the more strict I became with my habits, the lesser amount of crap I wanted to eat on cheat days. My cheat days have become almost non-existent because I don’t crave as much crap anymore. I always feel sick for a couple days after a cheat day because my body is now in tune to what healthy food does for it. In knowing that, I’ll only eat 1-2 slices of pizza IF I’m eating pizza versus my old ways, I would eat a half a pie in one sitting.

Even though Laura is my BFF and we’ve shared many meals together, I learned a lot about her and her “secrets” during this interview. Talk of improvement and accomplishment never gets old to me – especially when it’s with my pretty, pretty friends.

If you’re curious to see what Laura looked like BEFORE she lost 30, check out the photo below.

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