Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

My tips for a successful transition to a vegan diet

The transition to a vegan regime is not always smooth and I have often been asked “how to” and “where to start” . I explained to you in my previous article how it could happen from a social point of view. Now let’s look at the food side! If you want to become a vegetarian, this article may also interest you!

I advise you not to get ahead of yourself. The transition will seem complicated at first, but I can assure you, we’re getting used to it very quickly. I didn’t see myself doing without my emmental on my pasta … and finally, I don’t miss it at all! I always eat as much, if not more, and much better! So don’t hesitate and get started!

How do you eat vegan without worrying?

Where to find vegan products

First of all, you will find most vegan foods in organic stores. It’s starting to grow very slowly in the supermarkets, but I doubt you’ll find everything you need there, and it’ll be more expensive.

It should also be noted that some vegan products found in organic stores are not necessarily organic (it gets a little complicated). This is the case for example of mozzarella vegan! So be careful if you eat exclusively organic!

You can also buy online ! This is not what I prefer, but some of you just don’t have a choice because they don’t have a organic store nearby. Here are the main sites:

  • Vegan Shop
  • A Vegan World
  • The Vegan Shop
  • Vegan Box (to discover new products every month)
  • HyperBar (a brand new store of raw protein bars, it is my friend Julie who takes care of the com’ and the blog)

Steps to replacing meat and animal products

There are two ways to stop meat and animal products. You can stop it all overnight or go in gradually. Generally, the second option is chosen ! For my part, I stopped the meat all at once (if my memories are good) and the animal products gradually.

Let’s start by seeing the different steps that will allow you to stop the meat:

  1. Start by buying tofu, but tofu CUISINE, not natural (you’ll find it bad). There are many different tastes, learn to discover them all. Add it to the pasta instead of the bacon (don’t blame me I can’t find another example)) …
  2. Reduce meat by, for example, stop eating certain types of animals such as veal, lamb, rabbit … or at certain times of the day: …
  3. Test the fake meat: fake sausages, fake hash … some will not be to your taste but persist anyway! Don’t get discouraged too fast ! And don’t expect to eat something that looks 100% like meat.
  4. Limit the meat even more, and to that which is not very “good” like chicken or ham …
  5. Try seitan if you are not intolerant of gluten (I think it cooks just like meat anyway)!

And here are the different steps I’ve taken to slowly stop eggs and dairy products (in 1 month)) :

  • I started off buying eggs and milk, but I kept eating them in cakes and cheese.
  • I replaced milk with rice and oatmeal milk … then I tasted all the others that exist.
  • Then I cut back on cheese in county and emmental.
  • I tried some vegan cakes, including chocolate-filled cookies.
  • I started buying jam.
  • Eventually, the cheese completely disappeared from my fridge.

I only bought vegan cakes once I found the ones I liked the most.

Food to start with

The “basic” products of a vegan are quite simple … for my part, my fridge and my closets are always filled with :

  • Cereals: quinoa, whole rice, pasta (gluten-free), millet;
  • Oilseeds: cashew nuts (useful for mowing), hazelnuts, walnuts;
  • Pulses: lentils, chickpeas, split peas;
  • Tofu, Lupin, vegetable acids, fake sausages;
  • Fruits and vegetables: seasonal;
  • Fax image: sojami;
  • Vegetable milk: soya, rice, and millet;
  • Butter: organic St Hubert butter;
  • Creams: soy;
  • Yogurt: soy or hemp yogurt;
  • Spices: turmeric, paprika, pepper, garlic;
  • Oils: olive, coconut;

Grey foods can be found in large areas.

You can consult the section “my Vegan week” if you want to have quick and easy meal ideas to prepare over a week.

Don’t worry about recipes that are too complicated, unless you want to! The vegetable cuisine is quite simple in the background, have the right basic ingredients. Here are my favorite plant bl

  • 100% Vegetable
  • Green with Lili
  • Better Than Butter
  • Miss Pigut