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Rocky Mountain High

Rocky Mountain High – peace. love. quinoa

Feb 07

“She was born in the winter of her 31st year, coming home to a place she’d never been before.
She left yesterday behind her, you might say she was born again,
you might say she found a key for every door.
When she first came to the mountains, her life was far away on the road and hanging by a song.
But the strings already broken and she doesn’t really care,
it keeps changing fast, and it don’t last for long.

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.
The shadows from the starlight are softer than a lullaby.
Rocky Mountain high, Colorado. Rocky Mountain high.

She climbed cathedral mountains, she saw silver clouds below,
she saw everything as far as you can see.
And they say that she got crazy once and she tried to touch the sun,
and she lost a friend, but kept the memory.
Now she walks in quiet solitude, the forest and the streams, seeking grace in every step she takes.
Her sight is turned inside herself, to try and understand
the serenity of a clear blue mountain lake.

And the Colorado Rocky Mountain high, I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky.”

Lyrics are from “Rocky Mountain High” by John Denver, “he” turned to “she” and the age changed.


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