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Mini Pizzas

these Mini Pizzas are easy to make & healthy – peace. love. quinoa

Jan 12

Don’t ask me how I got the idea to make these mini pizzas on Wasa Crispbreads, the idea came to me years ago. I was probably a young, single girl… looking for a quick meal to make, that wouldn’t take much effort… 

I probably purchased these Wasa Crackers for the first time out of curiosity and then somehow discovered that I could use them to make pizzas. I’m not sure what else I would do with these crackers? When I see them they scream “MINI PIZZA” at me! 

To make these mini pizzas, there are 3-4 things you need:
1. Wasa Crispbreads (any flavor you choose)
2. Pizza Sauce
3. a Variety of Veggies
4. Shredded Cheese (optional)

I tend to keep a jar of pizza sauce in the pantry and I keep either these Wasa Crispbreads on hand because pizza makes for a quick meal that you can whip up on nights that you just don’t feel like putting forth much effort. 

I’ve always got veggies laying around, so I use whatever I have to make these pizzas. Some of my favorite veggies to use on this pizza include: crushed garlic, onion, broccoli, corn, bell pepper, olives, and tomatoes

It is quite easy to craft these Mini Pizzas: 
1. Warm the pizza sauce and line your crispbreads with it.
2. Add chopped veggies (& cheese) to the crispbreads.
3. Bake in the over at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

These Mini Pizzas are not only great for a quick, cheap meal but they would also work well as finger foods for parties and/or gatherings (Superbowl approaching!).

I can also imagine a “make-your-own pizza” night for kids OR adults.

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