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North Table Mountain // Golden, Co

North Table Mountain // Golden, CO – peace. love. quinoa

May 28

You can’t tell much in the photo, but HOLY COW that is a steep hike up.
step, step, step, stop, huff, huff, breeeeeathe. step…

On Monday, Memorial Day, we conquered North Table Mountain, you can see in these first few photos that the day started off beautiful, sunny, and clear. In the last few photos I took, you can see the storm clouds set in. We got off the mountain just in time for some fierce rain. It was crazy because as we were coming down, we saw people just making their way up. Surely, they got caught in the storm…

Do I live in the “Wild, Wild, West”? Finding these cowboys atop the mountain made me question whether I was living in a dream or if it was in fact, real life. These photos prove real life, don’t they? So Cowboy #1 rode his horse at full speed towards me to offer a photo op. Uhm, yeeeah….

Cowboy #2 + dog + a fierce view of Denver, if you look closely. 

The yoga-pose-atop-a-mountain that was bound to happen. I’m sure there will be more of where those come from. You don’t live in CO as a yogi and not….

A pretty decent yoga pose from Nate… even though he’s not a yogi.

There are the storm clouds I mentioned….. 

After a vigorous hike through the mountain, we rewarded ourselves with ice cold beers in downtown Golden.
Good day…..

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