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Cara Cara Orange

my new obsession: Cara Cara Oranges – peace. love. quinoa

Mar 09

Just recently, my girlfriend, Laura introduced me to Cara Cara Oranges. I fell in love with the Cara Cara instantaneously because it is super sweet (which is due to it being less acidic). The color is pretty too, almost looks like a grapefruit, definitely more pink/orange than yellow/orange. You know what else I like? They’re easy to peel. I might end up liking the Cara Cara more than I like the Blood Orange. Stiff competition….

I have not had a hard time finding these oranges, pretty much every grocery store has them so I eat them on the daily.

I can’t wait to try a few recipes using the Cara Cara.
First up: Cara Cara Orange Juice.

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