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Winter in O’ahu: a practical Packing List – peace. love. quinoa

Feb 26

Our trip included 10 days on O’ahu which allowed us to circle the island twice. We stayed in several different places on the island in several different areas. During our trip we hiked, shopped, explored, and hung out at the beach. This packing list that I am providing includes the items that worked for us. I have offered commentation on the big “why” behind the items listed. You may need to add to this packing list if you are staying longer, doing different activities than we did, or attending an event.


cute Tanks & T-shirts

multiple pairs of Shorts

1 pair of Moisture-Wicking Pants/Shorts

1-2 pairs of pants, jeans are appropriate

2-3 Sundresses

Lightweight Hoodie or Sweater

Lightweight Jacket

3-4 Bathing Suits (in Hawaii, the tinier, the better!)

a couple of swimsuit cover-ups

comfortable Underwear

Sports Bras


Winter in O’ahu is warm enough for the beach during the day, but it gets chilly at night so be sure to pack clothing that is appropriate for both times of the day. Also, there are several amazing hikes available on the island, we did a few hikes before sunrise and they were wet and chilly, which is why I recommend the moisture-wicking gear. Honolulu people were dressed up for dinner, otherwise shorts, a tank, and flips were the standard uniform – go with it.


Hats: Sun Hat, Ball Cap

multiple pairs of Sunglasses

Bandana / Headbands

small Umbrella

Surf attire (if you plan on surfing)

I would imagine the majority of your time will be spent at the beach, hiking, touring or eating. You won’t need much for any of these activities – just you, your clothing, and a small day pack or beach bag. Don’t over-think it.


comfortable Flip Flops

Hiking or Trail shoes

Running Shoes

lightweight Hiking Socks

You’ll find that most people on the island wear flip flops, no matter what they’re doing. The only time I wasn’t wearing flips while on the island is when I was hiking and jogging along the beach.



Bobby Pins

Hair Ties



Nail Clippers / File


Lip Balm w/ SPF

Insect Repellent

Cortisone Anti-Itch Cream

Hand Sanitizer


Most of these items are readily available for purchase on the island, so pack light and stock up when you arrive – just know that the items are more expensive on the island.



Waterproof Video Camera, I recommend a GoPro Hero Cam

Selfie Stick (everyone on the island has them!)

Laptop (I recommend you dump your memory cards at the end of each day)


Travel Alarm Clock

Spare batteries

Spare Memory Cards


I always hesitate to pack so many electronics, but never regret having them with me. The island as safe, so don’t worry about your stuff being stolen unless you let it sit in the front seat of a rental car. Take a good camera, you’ll get some amazing photos. Dump your memory cards at night, just in case. Be shameless about selfies, everyone on the island is doing it. Take an alarm clock to wake you up before sunrise – trust me, you’ll want to get up to watch the sunrise. You’ll need a flashlight to hike in the dark.


Reading Books

Guidebook (I liked Fodor’s O’ahu Guidebook)


Pens & Pencils

Art supplies (if you’re in to that)

Mesh Laundry Bag

Travel Yoga Mat

Backpack Food (for hiking & beaching)

a Beach Bag

a Beach Blanket 

a Day Pack (for hiking or tours)


Don’t worry about packing beach towels, anywhere you stay will most likely provide them. Take a blanket though, it’s a great supplement to a beach towel and it will keep you warm on your sunset/sunrise viewings. If you’re an artist, take your supplies – there is plenty of space and time to create art. With goggles alone, we were able to see a lot of fish underwater – we never even rented snorkel gear because we could see so much with the goggles.



Driver’s License

Credit Cards 

Travel Itinerary

I would highly recommend reading though a guidebook and doing research PRIOR to your trip – have an idea of what you’d like to do/see before you get there. There is so much to see and do, you won’t be able to do it all in one trip (chances are) so find what is important to you! 

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