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Peace Cafe // veg dining in O’ahu – peace. love. quinoa

Jan 22

Before we left for Honolulu, I made a list of vegetarian restaurants that I wanted to visit while we were there on the island. I only found 2 restaurants that I was dying to visit, Greens and Vines (the islands only raw/vegan restaurant), and the Peace Cafe. We never did make it to Greens and Vines but we LOVED the Peace Cafe, and we’re very happy we made the time to eat there, we did so on the same day we were hanging in Waikiki because of the close proximity.

When we were on the North Shore, a local told us to look up Beet Box, which is an all veg restaurant in the back of an organic grocery store – we went there twice because it was so damn good, probably our favorite restaurant on the island. 

Anyway, one of my favorite meals (there were so many, honestly) on the island came from the Peace Cafe. The Yogini plate (pictured below) was full of brown rice, beans, kale, seaweed, sprouts, and a yummy sauce. Patrick loved the food too, he has quickly become an advocate for vegan food (even though he knew nothing about eating veg before I met him) …it’s kind of adorable.

Two other restaurants we really liked: Sweet Home Waimanalo’s (a daytime cafe, serving light, healthy, organic, local foods and yummy, yummy smoothies) and Town (a great dinner spot, veg-friendly, locally-sourced, organic food).

I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of veg-food options on the island – we ate dammmmn good there!



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