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Restaurant Spotlight: One World Cafe, Peoria, IL – peace. love. quinoa

Aug 24

Peoria, IL is one of those places that I MUST visit for work 3-4 times a year. Although it’s a small town with not much going on, I have found a few places that I like to visit each time I’m there, which gives me something to look forward to. I have found a yoga studio, a cute boutique hotel, a natural food grocery store, and the One World Cafe. The first time I ever went to OWC, I posted a photo of the menu on Instagram and one of my buddies commented saying that he LOVES this place!! (I had no idea he had even been to Peoria). After his approval, I knew I had found a deeeecent place to dine.

 Located within the vicinity of Bradley University, the place is filled with young creative people and college students, offering a sense of community in an artistic atmosphere and if a hipster exists in Peoria, IL, he/she is probably hanging out at the One World Cafe. When I walk in to the OWC, the staff welcomes me as if I’m a regular an on my most recent trip to OWC, I walked in with my camera which received immediate attention from the staff. One of the bartenders had just finished going to school for Photography and he took some time out to show me some of his work (all of the photos that OWC uses on their menus and table talkers). I overheard another bartender express interest in starting a blog, I never did find out what she’d blog about…..

There aren’t many vegan/gluten-free-friendly restaurants in Peoria, but the OWC has an extensive menu, including those options. With simple ingredients turned in to delicious meals with diverse flavors, the OWC infuses their dishes with flavors found all over the world, or so they say. In my opinion, the menu is diverse, but full of simple, familiar dishes.

On my most recent trip to OWC, I took the servers recommendation and ordered the Herbivorian wrap, stuffed with a slew of fresh veggies and house-made hummus. (I was torn between that and the Tomato Melt, which is what I’ll order next time.) Served with my veggie wrap was this homemade veggie cream cheese, which I originially declined. Thanks to the server who insist that I try to veggie cream cheese, it offered a boost of flavor and took that veggie wrap to a whole new level. Boom.

My beverage of choice: Housemade Iced Berry Green Tea + raw turbinado sugar. Refreshing.

As I continue traveling to Peoria, I will continue to visit One World Cafe. Up until my most recent trip when I was introduced to Peoria Heights, I was under the impression that OWC was the only hotspot in Peoria. Now that I’ve been introduced to the Heights, I’m excited to go back and check out some more local restaurants (and boutiques).

One World Cafe 

1245 W Main St, Peoria, IL 61606


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