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Nashville-bound – peace. love. quinoa

Jul 19

Next week, I am scheduled to be in Nashville for meetings so my girlfriend and I decided to head in early for the weekend. WE ARE STOKED. I have always wanted to visit Nashville, but I do now more than ever since I’ve transformed in to a semi-country girl.

What’s on our agenda for the weekend? Shopping, and Eating Good Food. Duh.

Oh, and DANCING.

We are staying at the Nashville Downtown Hostel because it is super cheap (practically free.)
We wanted to keep our monies free for major purchases…
(like Cowboy Boots, multiple pairs of cowboy boots)
(and food, good food)

Several people that I work with are experienced Nashville travelers and they have recommended several places to shop including this brand new vintage store, Black Mamba.
(this place looks AMAZINGGGGG) 

I stumbled upon this blog post about Husk after reading about it’s recent opening, this is definitely a place I want to visit!! They offer an evolving menu, using ingredients that are fresh right at that very moment and they grow much of their own produce in the restaurant’s garden.

Lesley from Lesley Eats is so damn nice, she learned about me coming to Nashville through a comment I left on her blog and took the time to e-mail me some veg-friendly restaurant recommendations. She hooked me up!
Etch is one of those places she recommended, I can dig it.
(Curried Cauliflower?!?! yum)
Lesley also shared that the local manager for Yelp in Nashville is vegan, and has scoped out the scene.
I guess Nashville is more veg-friendly than I expected.

I tried to get reservations at Catbird Seat, but not early enough.
It’s a no-go.
Unless someone can help us get in…. anyone?
A hook-up? Please?

Oh, and ok…. So, there is this food truck in Nashville called Wrappers Delight that I’m dying to check out. The food truck scene was hot in Chicago for a few years, but the city put a smack down on it.
Food truck, Nashville, here I come.

Tootsies? Yeah, we’ll probably go there and get our party on.
(should we get boobs before we arrive?? all the girls in photos have huge boobs)

I would like to go to the Elliston Soda Shop….

 I want to country line dance, but I don’t know where. I would imagine I’ll “stumble” upon a place?

 Anyone out there reading this blog post who has any recommendations for me, please share NOW. 


 I can imagine there will be more Nashville-related posts to come….

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