If you follow me on social media, you know that I spend a great deal of time at Triathlons cheering on my competitive boyfriend however he doesn’t need me cheering on the sidelines in order to perform well, that boy engages in competition with success at the top of his mind. Regardless, I enjoy supporting him as competes to WIN and I know he appreciates it.

Patrick reads triathlon-related content as often as I read food blogs (all day, every day) and has a great deal of knowledge on what it takes to be a winning contestant. I admire him for his dedication to the sport and determination – because of this, I asked him to share his wisdom with all of you right here on PLQ. This post outlines a typical day in the life of a triathlete on race day and provides enlightenment for all athletes, as there is no time in the day wasted.

Patrick can be found on twitter and instagram at @1fastsun. Feel free to hop over and offer him and feedback you have on this post. We also welcome your requests for future content.

Triathlon Preparation: 
On to P…

New Balance Fresh Foam


Some of the most important things to me is to stay fueled up for the next day, spend a couple hours organizing race gear and to double-check the checklist. I eat dinner early and take in a lot of fluids. I’m sure to be in bed as early as possible – 10pm is the cut off!

TIP: I DO NOT eat anything the day or night before or the morning of a race that I have not eaten regularly within the past two weeks. I’ve only make this mistake once. NOTHING NEW ON RACE DAY.

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4 a.m. Wake up! Take a fast shower to become fresh and “wake up the bones.”
Get dressed in “Performance Casual” apparel like a 3/4 zip top, running pants, and footed with New Balance Fresh Foam 989’s, etc. This is all done quickly and with finesse.

4:15 Relax in the quiet for the five longest minutes I can find with my coffee (100% Kona when available) and visualize the day. My vision for the race is that I feel confident throughout each segment while enjoying my time on Earth, with a smile. At this moment in real-time, I am usually staring at the reef aquarium in the living room while my oatmeal prepares.

4:20 I eat that oatmeal, which is now decorated with fruit bits like berries/bananas. ((Remember: Nothing new in the diet!)) This is a good time to check social media as well as the race website for any alerts/updates. Throughout the morning routine I casually take in water and electrolytes. 

Crescent Moon Triathlon

4:25 Bust out the yoga mat and keep focus on my race plan while I hold long stretches and perform some light yoga.

4:35 Spend 10-15 minutes loading up the vehicle which could be done the night before if I parked in a garage.

4:50 On my last trip outside to double-check the vehicle, I like to slip in a quick jog up and down the block, maybe do a couple pick-ups to partially open up my lungs and wake up other important muscles. Wake up legs!

TIP: Fuel up with breakfast as soon as humanly possible to give your body time to “cycle through.” After a quick pre-departure warm up, utilize your favorite restroom one last time!

5:15 Depart. (this is an approximate time for most regional races. I factor 30-50 minutes drive time) Sip water and electrolytes along the ride – I would offer some to my girlfiend, but she’s out cold with an airplane neck pillow. She’s a pro. 

TIP: I featured Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa” in the ride along with a few Andre Nickatina songs, such as “Bananas” and “U-Beezy.” — You should too.

Crescent Moon Triathlon

5:45 Arrive at race site, check in ASAP and begin setting up the transition area – double check bike components & tire PSI. 

6:30 I stretch again, do a few short speed burst sprints to get my blood flowing once more.

6:45 Activate the wetsuit – I give 15 minutes as not to be rushed, wetsuits are delicate! 

TIP: Use sandwich bags to pass your hands and feet through the openings in the wetsuit which lessens the friction so you lessen the risk of snagging or stretching seams. Batman does the same thing.

Crescent Moon Triathlon

7:10 I get into the water to acclimate my body and I start swimming to warm up. (there are usually designated roped-off areas to warm up separate from the swim start area)

7:25 Race Briefing by the officials/National Anthem when applicable.

TIP: I use this time to stretch some more

7:35 Race begins, I’m off….

Crescent Moon Triathlon

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