Ice Cream Banana

Picture this: In Hawaii, we stop at a fruit market off the side of the road on the North Shore and we find bananas labeled “ice cream banana” …. WHAT! You better believe we bought them!

Appropriately named “ice cream banana”, these little fruits (smaller than a banana found on the main land) actually do taste like ice cream – they are creamier than any banana I’ve ever eaten and they taste sweet, very sweet, and vanilla-ish – almost custard-like.

We ate the bananas on Christmas morning, after hiking to the top of a little mountain to watch the sunrise. We hiked in the pitch black dark, through tall wet grasses, just in time to see a beautifully colored sky…. there couldn’t have been a more perfect time to enjoy my new favorite fruit.

When I googled the ice cream banana, I found very little information on it so I don’t know much more about it aside from it being the best tasting banana I’ve ever had and that it can be found in Hawaii. So anyway, if you’re going to Hawaii, will you do yourself the favor of finding an ice cream banana or two?


Ice Cream Banana

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