On The Farm, Off The Hook

About a month ago, at On The Farm, Off The Hook – a dinner event, we each received a small clay pot as a gift. We knew that there were seeds inside each pot but the type of seed was (and still is) a mystery.


It has been so much fun to watch these seeds sprout from the soil and show themselves to the world. Both of our little plants are completely different from each other – one with a single, thick stem and large leaves. the other is smaller, more fragile. We’ve almost looked at the two plants as though they are in competition with each other – which one will grow up and unveil it’s identity first?

These plants have sat in the windowsill, catching the afternoon sun and a daily watering for as long as we’ve had them… until this week. I planted them in the garden in hopes that they will have the opportunity to grow bigger and faster than they could in the small clay pot. 


The plants look puny in comparison to the others in the garden, and I’m fearful they’ll be taken over by the elements. My fingers are crossed for their survival… those plants hold a special place in my heart.


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