Jerome the Gnome

Earlier this week, I finally walked in to my apartment after being gone from home for 13 days. One of the things I missed most about “home” was my garden. Jerome here, he did a good job overseeing the fruits and veggies and herbs and pretty flowers, as always and I think he scared away all of the bugs that were eating my kale plants. Anyway, I knew the garden was in good hands but still, I was anxious to get back and put my own hands in it. 

I came home to a completely different garden that I left. Many of the plants tripled in size, if not more than that! We went from having 5-6 tomatoes on the vines to 100’s. I was super pleased. 


2 cutie little cucumbers popped up while I was gone as well! We’ve got 4 cucumber plants in the ground so I have a feeling we’ll be swimming in cucumbers within the nest few weeks.


white eggplant

I’m nervous about this white eggplant. I’ve only grown eggplants once before and it was not a success. I had no idea how big the fruit was supposed to get so I accidentally let them get over-grown. I’m not sure how big this white eggplant should get…. so I’m not really sure when to pick it. 

pinot noir bell pepper

Maybe the coolest thing I’ve seen – pinot noir bell peppers! They’re so pretty. Honestly, I thought of them to be eggplants when they first starting showing a fruit because of the color. Whoops, they’re definitely bell peppers! 

pepper plant

We’ll have an abundance of peppers this year – this one plant alone has over 50 baby peppers on it. 

pepper plant


There may be nothing cuter than baby strawberries. Oh, and they’re tasty little babies.



Onions and beets make me anxious because they grow underground – it’s hard to tell when it’s time to pull them up.


eggplant blossom

Pretty Blossoms that will soon be fruits.



I’ve never grown kohlrabi and I’m not even sure I’ve ever seen kohlrabi, growing it was an experiment. You can see here, we allowed it to get too big and it split. Ants are building a nest inside of the plant. argh.



Miraculously, our kale doesn’t have bugs eating it any longer! I don’t know how it happened but I’ll give credit to Jerome. And then I’ll pat myself on the back. 

red chard

Chard leaves are just about as gorgeous as they come.


Healthy rosemary.

tomato plant

tomato plant

We have soooo many tomatoes, like sooo many. We harvested the first two little red tomatoes and ate them like little pieces of candy.

tomato plant

tomato plant

It’s almost “Friend Green Tomato” time.




Colorado purple flowers

Our flower bed was slightly over-grown with weeds when I got back, but it didn’t take much to clean it up. Everything looks happy – especially the buzzing bees. (BONUS if you can spot the bee in these photos!)

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