Minnesota Cabin - Island Lake

My best friends family has a cabin on a lake in Minnesota and for 4 years (which is about how long I’ve known her) she’s been begging me to come up. Minnesota is home to 10,000 lakes so traveling “up North” to “the cabin” is the THING to do here. 

I lived in MN years ago, but I didn’t have any friends who had cabins up North so I spent most of my time on lakes that were closer to the city of Minneapolis. There were about 4-5 lakes that I frequented. 

In Colorado, we don’t have lakes. We hardly have water, period. We’ve got a few rivers, and a few man-made reservoirs. That’s about it. They come nowhere close to being as actively used as the lakes in Minnesota soooo shortly after moving to Colorado, I knew I needed to make the trip up North and get to the lake.

I grew up in the midwest which means I grew up “going to the lake” – it’s the thing that midwesterners do. Being on the lake is the #1 thing I miss since moving to Colorado – however, I’ll survive (I LOVE the mountains!!)

Minnesota Cabin Cross Lake

This super cute, adorable cabin has almost reached it’s last day. While it has history and charm, it’s not as functional as it needs to be in the modern day – the cabin is 100 years old and it has to go. The McClellan’s are bulldozing it to make way for a brand new cabin that should be ready just in time for 2015 Boating Season. I can hardly wait to see the new place! Hopefully I’ll be celebrating 4th of July there next year….

grillin - Minnesota - Crosslake


camp meal

I love the simplicity of meals during camping and/or cabin-ing. A veggie burger sandwiched between a gluten-free bun, dressed with some ketchup & mustard satisfies. Add a few veggie chips on the side for a bonus.

After boating all day, we hopped off for just enough time to grill the veggie patties – moments after dinner, we were back out on the lake to watch the sunset. Life is so good out there!

MN Cabin Cross Lake

MN Cabin

The beautiful cabin sits quietly and privately behind these amazing trees. This “master bedroom” (which is really a little nook just off the living room) has a GORGEOUS but private view of the lake and the sunset….

MN Cabin

MN Cabin

deer in Minnesota

The deer, Bernadette & friends are not shy about asking for food. They love the apples that are provided. I was shocked at how close they allowed me to get to them! 

Minnesota deer

MN Cabin

Shih Tzu dog

This little cutie, Riley is my BFF’s Shih Tzu, he is just ridiculously cute, don’t you think? He can also be a little naughty at times, tsk tsk tsk.

MN Cabin

I love this photo of Bill (my BBF’s dad) – he may or may not be feeling tipsy after drinking all day on the boat. Ha! Which, speaking of – have you ever mixed Orangina with vodka? I have. And it’s awesome. Especially if you’re on a boat.

Can you find Riley in that photo? Probably not because he’s so FAST! 

Roxy Flip Flops

Friend-flops! Basically, we have friend-everything. Friend-bracelets, friend-boots, friend-lipgloss, the list goes on and on and on. Hey, we both have good taste – 

MN Cabin & Beach

Island Lake Cross Lake MN

I have definitely been spoiled by the sun setting over the mountains. HOWEVER, the sun setting over the lake doesn’t suck either. Not at all.

sunset over the lake

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