A few weeks ago, I spotted a beehive while walking through the neighborhood. I had stopped to observe a swarm of bees buzzing through my neighbors flower bed – just as I do every day. On that particular day, I noticed more bees than usual. I looked up in to the tree and that is when I noticed the beehive. It was THE COOLEST THING I had ever seen. Ok, maybe not THE COOLEST, but kind of. It is rare to see beehives in urban neighborhoods (I think). I’ve only come face-to-face with a beehive on a farm or at a zoo – but they were always protected my glass. And now that I think about it, I wonder where urban bees hang out when they’re not buzzing through the flower and garden plots. 

I wanted to take photos of that beehive, but I wasn’t armed and ready with my camera (I was walking the dog) so I went back to the tree a few hours later WITH my camera to find the beehive had disappeared. I was devastated, perplexed. Where the hell did it go? I asked a few neighbors who were out working in the yard, they had no idea what I was talking about and they hadn’t seen a thing. Apparently, an active beehive can completely disappear without anyone taking notice. Made me sad. Still makes me sad….


Since becoming a gardener, I have obtained a slight obsession with bees. I’d even like to try raising honeybees (do I live on a farm?? Up until I started gardening, I thought of bees as being obnoxious and harmful (my dad is allergic to bee stings – it is NOT pretty in the event that it happens…) Now I see them as awe-inspiring and instrumental in the success of my garden. There was a time in my life that I would run away from bees and/or swat at them but I have realized that they are fairly harmless. The photos in this blog post were taken by myself, you can see how close I got to them – I was all up in their grill. They hardly even noticed I was there – and if they did, I don’t think they cared – if I was swatting at them, I’m sure it’d be a different story.


As a gardener, I realize that bees have the potential to indicate whether or not the garden will show success or failure. Last year, my garden was surrounded by flowers but for the first time this year, I planted a flower garden with the intention of attracting honeybees. I want moooore! 

Anyway, maybe you’ve heard the news that bees are in trouble. They are being wiped out by pesticides and pollution. It’s not good. IF you see a bee, find peace instead of fear. Do not swat at them or kill them, WE NEED THEM. Stop using pesticides and chemicals in our garden if you are currently – I am proud to say that I maintain a pesticide/chemical-free garden.

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