denver urban garden

About a week and a half after getting the garden planted in the salons backyard, I got a call from Denver Urban Gardens letting me know that there was a plot available for me. sigh. I waited 3+ months for that call. Sooo even though I had just committed myself to maintaing a huge garden at the salon, I rushed over to the plot site and claimed it as mine. 

I rushed to the Farmers Market to pick up more starter plants, and planted them in the rain. I didn’t get a chance to completely clean up the garden like I would have liked to because of the rain (and, no photos either). When I went back to clean up the site and take photos, I could see that someone had been walking through my little plot AND they dug up my tomato plants and stole them. A week and a half later, I’m still baffled, upset, and butt-hurt over my missing tomato plants. I want them back. 

When I come to peace with the fact that I’ll never get them back, I will post photos and progress. 

denver urban garden


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