Welp, the garden is planted… for the most part – the hard part is over. Weeding, tilling, composting, planning, planting, and clean up – those are some BIG jobs. Luckily, we had a team of people working on it. 

Not all of the veggie plants that we’d like to have were available at the nursery we shopped so we’ve still got a little bit of work to do searching for the plants that we really really want to get in the garden (Amana Orange Tomatoes being one of those things) – we’re determined to find them! Other than that, we found a few pots that had been “abandoned” so we’re going to give them some lovin and bring them back to life with some pretty flowers.

garden till

After hours and hours of weeding the garden, we tilled the soil with a rototiller that was rented from Home Depot. Considering how big this garden is (we’re lucky!) I’m so happy we didn’t have to till the soil by hand (thanks Bob!)

plants & flowers

I’ve planted and maintained several herb & veggie gardens but this is my first experience with planting flowers. Picking them out was kind of a shot in the dark for me because I don’t know much about them. I picked out perennials in hopes that we won’t have to purchase as many flowers next year. I’m pretty satisfied with my choice of flowers and how they look in the garden, we’ll see if we can keep them alive & well-maintained. Haha! Either way, it’ll be a learning experience…..

starter plants

gardening gloves

planting strawberries

This raised pot was being used as an ashtray so I was pretty excited to restore it back to what it was originally intended for – a planter. We placed it at the edge of the garden and planted strawberries. I never knew that strawberries grow best in a hanging planter, last year I had them growing on the ground. This planter will work perfectly for our strawberries, allowing them to hang and mature happily.

planting strawberries

strawberry plant

garden design & layout

We spent a lot of time designing and planning the garden layout prior to planting. We found these stones in the backyard (again, abandoned) that we used as stepping stones which will allow us to move throughout the garden without getting muddy. 

tomato plants

tomato plants

chocolate mint


The little starter plants are so adorable, for now, they look miniature in the big, huge garden bed…. but not for long. 

starter plant

planting a garden




I’m in love with the vibrant color that these flowers offer the space. They’re so good to look at (and super photogenic). 

Allure Salon owner - Garden

I can’t thank Nicole & Bob enough for allowing me to partner with them on this big garden project. They have allowed and supported me taking over the space in their salons backyard, they jumped on board with the idea on an instants notice and offered a helping hand. We’re all in good company with this project.

Allure Salon Garden - Denver

And thanks to Patrick for his knowledge and helping hand. Oh, I mean, “Patrick, a Local Triathlete” (he insists he be referred to as such- cute, right?) This guy dug every single hole for us, which takes big strong muscles. (really, it’s not an easy job) I’m grateful for the accompaniment, especially from a big, strong, knowledgable man. 

One of the coolest things happened as we were finishing up yesterday… we all hi-fived while acknowledging appreciation and successes…. it felt good to be a part of a team rather than taking this project on solo. 

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