big vegan dinner

In an attempt to re-create an amazing meal I got at Wild Cow in Nashville, I made BBQ Seitan over a bed of Quinoa with Kale & Beans – now that’s some home cookin’ right there. I also made an attempt at Buffalo Tempeh (because that was also included in my meal from Wild Cow) but I failed. The tempeh was bland and the buffalo sauce I purchased was just… bad.

This entire meal was savory, filling, and plentiful, but most importantly EASY to make. Easy is always important, so is having leftovers. I don’t want to cook every night of the week.

For the BBQ Seitan, I combined Upton’s Ground Seitan with BBQ sauce and cooked it on the stovetop until it was hot. I served it over a bed of Quinoa that was made with vegetable broth.

The Kale was sautéed in a shallow amount of vegetable broth with garlic and olive oil.

For the Beans I used Northern Whites and added olive oil, fresh thyme, salt, and pepper. 

Check it, I got my BBQ fix. Yes.
And even though I didn’t get the Buffalo Tempeh quite right, my meal was just as good as the meal I had in Nashville…. from what I can remember.

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