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I met my buddy Jack at a food truck festival in Nashville last Sept. We both got to the festival just moments before it was scheduled to close. Jack was next to me in line for the Wrappers Delight food truck. I had been chasing the Wrappers Delight for quite some time, they had a vegan wrap I so badly wanted to try. By the time Jack & I reached the window, the vegan wrap was the only wrap available. I had to encourage Jack to get that wrap even though it didn’t contain any meat. (those southern meat-eating boys…) I think he liked it….

While we stood in line that evening, Jack told me about these cheesecakes that he makes on his smoker. A “smoked cheesecake” I couldn’t believe it – I had never heard of anything like that! I probably told him to quit his day job and make smoked cheesecakes for a living. Haha! 

I never did get to try the smoked cheesecake on that trip but Jack rocked my world by preparing a Vegan Smoked Cheesecake for me this past weekend – he even delivered it to me! 

Jack wasn’t all that impressed with his first vegan smoked cheesecake, in fact he wouldn’t even take a picture of it because it wasn’t “perfect”. Although it didn’t look perfect, it is delicious. Unlike anything I’ve ever tasted before. 

Jack used tofutti and made a flax egg for the cheesecake, but he’s still looking for different (dairy) alternatives that will craft the “perfect” vegan smoked cheesecake. I’ll be on the lookout for alternatives as well. 

If you are near Nashville and are interested in a smoked cheesecake, Jack can probably hook you up. His company name is Si’s Scrumptious Delights (named after his Siamese cat, Si) – you can find him on Facebook.  

cheesecake, vegan

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