Green Smoothie Series

I’ve always been a smoothie maker, but I haven’t always been a GREEN smoothie maker. I can prove it: Cherry Chocolate Sundae. One of my girl friends mentioned that we need to start making more green smoothies so I took it upon myself to come up with 4 different GREEN smoothies that taste good. Mission accomplished. I’m feeling so healthy lately! 

In the next 4 days, I will share the ingredient mix for each of the 4 green smoothies I have been sipping on lately: 
Avocado Pear
Strawberry Spinach Kiwi
Orange Greensicle
Tart Green Apple

Many people are turned off by green smoothies simply because they can’t wrap their mind around adding kale and/or spinach to their morning sweet treat however green smoothies can taste really really good if you can find the right mix of ingredients…. which I will offer inspiration for over the next few days.

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