I am guilty of checking out the bods of other chicks and thinking to myself  “I wish I had a bod like that” or “I wish I looked like her”. 

During a recent yoga class, I was checking out a chick who was wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a sports bra, showing off her body for any admirer (me). Of course, I felt slightly envious wishing I had her flat, muscular stomach and tiny little waist. As I kept checking her out, I noticed that she wasn’t perfect (obv). All of a sudden I was more content with my own body because I’m already comfortable and familiar with my own flaws. There is no way I’d want to take on someone else’s flaws – I’ll keep my own. 

As I began to think through my yoga, I realized that I am gifted with a body that all mine, a body that I was born with, one that I can’t trade in. My body will never be quite like someone else’s nor will someone else’s ever be quite like mine. However, I have the opportunity to make choices in life that will alter and/or change the way my body looks and feels. Food choices, fitness choices, lifestyle choices all impact the way I look and feel and during yoga that day I recommitted myself to making choices that will only enhance the way my body looks and feels inside and out. No more of that destructive crap……

I already feel better than I have in months… maybe even an entire year. I’m all smiles.

Warren Dunes - Sawyer, MI

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