Happy new Years my friends! 
Is it too late to say that? Have you already moved on?

I spent my NYE in Breckenridge with strangers. It was gorgeous being up there, but a little strange to party with people I didn’t know. Fun, nonetheless. I made fresh baked {vegan} chocolate chip cookies for everyone with cookie dough I had purchased earlier that day. Everyone else was drinking (beer) non-stop, I only had two glasses of my Vanilla Vodka Chai Teas. mmmmm


Because Marijuana went legal on the 1st in Denver, I paid a visit to a recreational marijuana dispensary. Don’t judge me, if you were in Denver this week. you’d have gone there too – just for the experience. I don’t smoke, I didn’t even buy anything. But now I can say I’ve been there, and done that.

Cheesman Park

I went out this morning for yoga but I think I’ll stay in from the cold the majority of the day. Like many of you out there (especially in the Midwest) we are getting pounded with snow here in Denver. 

Snow Day

It’s so funny to experience peoples reaction to the snow. The weather all of a sudden become top news, REPORTING: 6 INCHES OF SNOW!! Funny, one of my friends from Vail was laughing because they get just about that much snow on a DAILY basis. 

When I went out this morning, I saw two people skiing through Cheesman Park, fully embracing the weather. I loved it. I wish I could snowboard, I bet today would be the PERFECT powdery day to be on the mountain… 

Snow Days

Everyone is talking about the snowy weather on Facebook, almost as if they’ve never seen snow before. One of my friends shared this video where a comedian is poking fun at the fact that people run out and grab their milk and bread in case they get snowed in. I never understood that. Why bread & milk? Sandwiches & cereal? That doesn’t sound warm at all.

If I were snowed in, I’d want to be sure I had these items in stock: quinoa, a variety of fruit & vegetables, cereal, almond milk, beans, popcorn, and a box of cornbread mix.

I made an apple pie quinoa dish for breakfast this morning (recipe coming soon) and I’m ready for more comfort food. In this chilly weather, I’m craving something warm. 

garlicky kale + white bean stew

Here are a few foods I like to make on a chilly, snowy, day-in-the-house like today: Breakfast Quinoa with Fruit & Almonds, Apple Carrot Quinoa Chili, Garlicky Kale + White Bean Stew, Roasted Acorn & Butternut Squash SoupSweet Jalapeño Cornbread, and Indian Tea.

Stay warm, friends! 

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