Vegetarian Fast Food

Last night, I picked up dinner from a favorite restaurant of mine, a place I haven’t been to in over a year. The restaurant is called Vegetarian Fast Food, located in Glendale Heights, IL. I stumbled upon this place on accident one day while working out in the suburbs, I’m thankful I did – this unassuming little restaurant serves up some amazing Indian Food. Chicagoans, if you enjoy going to Devon Street for Indian food, you should consider taking the drive out to Glendale Heights to visit my guy at VFF someday. Just saying.

Vegetarian Fast Food

The little Indian guy behind the counter recognizes my face and remembers everything I like. He has always made sure I go home with everything I like and he always adds something new that I haven’t tried. Last night, while I waited he served me up some Indian Tea. It’s similar to a chai tea – he showed me how to re-create it at home. I’ll keep you updated after I try it.

Vegetarian Fast Food

While dude was serving me tea, his wife was busy in the back preparing this amazing meal. LOOK AT ALL THAT FOOD! 7 different dishes, plus rice, plus naan, plus 2 desserts. I had a foodgasm just looking at all of it. Oh, and can you believe all of that cost me less than $25?

Vegetarian Fast FoodVegetarian Fast FoodVegetarian Fast FoodVegetarian Fast Food

I don’t know what all of those dishes are called and if I asked, I wouldn’t understand what dude told me. I do know that squiggly looking dessert is called Jalebi. It is made of a deep-fried wheat flour batter soaked in sugar syrup. Sounds like something you could get at the state fair, right? Ridiculous & good.

Vegetarian Fast Food
185 E Army Trail Rd, Glendale Heights, IL 60139

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