Every time I step foot in to the garden ((which is every few days)) I found a new harvest of heirloom and cherry tomatoes ready for picking, they are ripening faster than we can pick them. I’m not complaining, we haven’t run out of ways to use them. The genius that is my mother-in-law ((am I scoring cool points??)) showed me how to make pizzas on the grill ((I told you she’s a genius)) with homemade dough, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. The dough that we used was spread quite thin so these “pizzas” ended up more like a flatbread. Whatever, they were awesome. Check them out:

After one side of the dough was grilled, we flipped it and then added the ingredients. Because we spread olive oil on the dough before grilling, the dough maintained a chewy, yet crunchy texture and had a rich flavor.

When grilling pizza, it is important to keep the hood of the grill closed as much as possible, this is how you get the cheese to melt (if you are using cheese).

What I liked most about these pizzas/flatbreads is that the tomatoes cooked minimally, allowing a full burst of the natural flavor (that you only get with home-grown tomatoes). We didn’t even have to add much salt to the pizzas because the tomatoes were naturally salty.

I’m thinking grilled pizzas would be fun to make for an outdoor event/party instead of grilling dogs & burgers.
Roll out some dough, set out a buffet of ingredients and allow guests to choose which toppings they would like on their pizzas.

Wouldn’t that be fun???!!!


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