Last week, my mom and I sat down over breakfast and started looking through some of my grandma’s old recipe cards. I know that my grandpa has been doing the same thing (in fact he is transferring the recipes to digital files) but I know it is overwhelming for him. I’m sure grandpa is looking for the easy recipes that he can make and my mom had the idea that we do the same thing – EXCEPT we’ll modify & update the recipes to be more “healthy”.

The stack of recipe cards we have been going through are mostly baking recipes, things like: Apple Cake with Lemon Sauce, Waldorf Astoria Cake (which we call Red Velvet Cake), Butterscotch Pie, Orange Drop Cookies, and Rhubarb Crunch. A few of the recipes I am dying to try are the Great Pumpkin Cookies, Skillet Cookies, Applesauce Cup Cakes, and Honey Balls.


While my grandma was somewhat of a hoarder, she did keep an organized mess. All of her recipes include the source and/or who shared it with her and some are even labeled with the year she collected them. I found a recipe dated as far back as 1940! -that particular recipe was pulled out of a magazine. She also collected recipes off the radio and from the state fair. She labeled some of them “very good” or “delicious” if she really really enjoyed them.

I found a recipe for Pretzel Jello Salad (yuck!) which reminded me off this Carrot & Orange Jello Salad that Grandma would top with Mayonnaise. (yuck! again) I asked my mom about it and she remember it being good…. I guess she just didn’t know any better. You know what else is yuck: LARD was used an ingredient in a few recipes. Ew

Wish me luck as I search for alternatives to the lard and crisco and brown sugar alternative that grandma used. I look forward to living vicariously through grandma’s life by way of re-creating her recipes.

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