Labor Day weekend has come and gone, and you know what that means…. summer is coming to an end.  wah wah. Saying I am “sad” about it would be an understatement.

Just a few short months ago I was planning my summer activities and anticipating the perfect days to pull out my sundresses and cut-offs. Ohhhhh, how time flies.

Now, it seems as though there weren’t many opportunities to wear my summer clothes, or make that homemade peach ice cream I wanted so badly. I have sandals that never got worn, and pastel nail polish that never made it on to my nails. There are several trips I would have liked to take that never happened.

I’ll stop whining because after looking through my blog at all the events that I documented, and then remember the ones that weren’t documented, I look back on a summer that was filled with love, family, joy, fun, pool parties, dancing, good eats, travel, friendship, and several beach trips!

If I had to choose one word and/or theme for this passing summer it would be: accompaniment.
Here were some of my favorite summer moments:

Vero Beach
I got to spend time with my Grandpa and bond with him in a way that I would have never predicted after my grandmothers death. Our favorite beach trip this summer was to Vero Beach, accompanied by Grandpa. Although the Florida sun is harsh in old age, he was excited to take us to the beach because he knew we were excited to go.

raw oysters
Can you imagine what it must be like to try something new for the very first time at the ripe old age of 76? Somehow, we talked Grandpa in to trying oysters for the first time…. and then a second time…. and maybe even a third time – HE LIKED THEM!!!! Success.

grandma's journal
Although my grandmother has recently passed away, she has continued to accompany her family through written word in several journals of hers that we found…… we read the writing and we pondered the words…… and we will forever question the meaning and influence behind the excerpts….

4th OF July Floats
Flavored Soda + Coconut Milk Ice Cream = the perfect pair
(especially when they are pretty colors)

chile lime veggie skewers // peace. love. quinoa
We love summertime grilling and outdoor dining. Our favorite meal this summer was definitely the grilled chili lime veggie skewers. The chili lime marinade that we used on the veggies and mango was superb. We served them with yummy rice, limes, and tortillas and created something similar to a do-it-yourself-taco-bar and who DOESN’T love a DIY taco bar?

Without much more than our tent, the moonlight, and the company of each other, Chris and I camped in the backcountry.


Laura + Crista Do Nashville. I’m still in withdrawal from our trip, good thing I’m going back for my birthday… although this time my boyfriend will accompany me.

horchata milkshake
Inspired by a local restaurant’s Horchata Milkshake, we tried over and over and over again to create them at home. Our Horchata Milkshakes are slightly different in texture, consistency, and ingredient than those of the local restaurant BUT are equally as tasty. I am proud to say that ours is healthier too.

henna tattoo
Not only did I acquire a slight obsession with Henna, my boyfriend did too. We got tattoos for the first time, and I can promise it won’t be our last.

Warren Dunes
Accompanied by many Midwesterners looking for the perfect escape, we spent time at the Warren Dunes in Sawyer, Michigan. We fall in love with this white sandy beach every time we visit.

Cucumber Watermelon Quinoa Salad // peace. love. quinoa
I had so much fun gardening this summer, even though I ran in to some challenges with bugs. Some of my favorite dishes made with ingredients from the garden include ginger mint iced tea, fried green tomatoes, and tomato chutney.

As the summer was coming to a screeching halt on Labor Day weekend, Chris & I were in Michigan camping, eating, and drinking on the shores of Lake Michigan, accompanied by a crowd of midwestern people all taking advantage of the last summer weekend of the year.