little buggy

I am so mad. I thought I had gotten rid of the bugs that are eating my kale until I went out to the garden today to check out the new kale leaves that have grown in and I FOUND BUGS EVERYWHERE. The little butterflies were going nuts as I looked underneath each kale leaf, finding cabbage worms EVERYWHERE!!! I even found a Japanese Beetle! I didn’t want to, but I killed them all. They oozed green juice. It sucked.

I’ve read that it’s a BAD SIGN to see butterflies hanging out around your garden, they are laying eggs. Sure enough, I found a bunch of eggs & droppings near the stalk of the kale, just like I did a few weeks ago.

I used the water hose to rinse away all of the droppings, picked off the little buggers & squished them, and then I sprayed a mixture of water & dish soap on the plants.

Some way or another, I will find a way to keep these little buggers off my kale without using pesticides.

cabbage worm
japanese beetle

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