This year has offered me a much different experience in gardening than it has in previous years. This year, my garden is much bigger than it has been the last two years. Also, I’m gardening out in the country this year – the last two years I was gardening in the city.


In the city, I never had a challenge with bugs and/or rodents eating my plants. This year, something is eating my cute little strawberries before they can even ripen and cabbage worms are attacking my kale plants.

kale plant - cabbage worms

kale plant - worm eggs

After doing some research, I am guessing that cabbage worms are in fact what’s eating my kale. In the photo above, you can see little eggs that were laid (or are they droppings??). Thank goodness I found them, I was able to wash them away from the plant. 

kale plant

I read that if I sprinkle flour & cayenne pepper on to the kale plants, that the cabbage worms will die after eating the mixture. I figured it was worth a try. I have sprinkled my plants, and I am left hoping that they will recover.
(I LOVE kale!!)

Otherwise, the rest of the garden is doing ok… except for my cilantro and basil. They both have thick stems and are flowering. I’m not getting many leaves to use, which is weird because in previous years I’ve had more basil and cilantro than I knew what to do with. I’m not sure where I went wrong this year…. 

lettuce plant

mint plant


tomato plant

tomato plant

pepper plant

Chris in I worked in the garden for several hours last weekend weeding & turning the soil in the garden.

You see, a hired landscaping crew maintains the grass that occupies the land on this property that is not farmed. While cutting the grass, the landscaping crew is throwing grass clippings in to the garden. I know that they do not do it on purpose, and it’s probably impossible to avoid. Problem is, the grass is growing in my garden!  The only real way to stop this grass from growing is to turn the soil, and we have to do it about once a week. It’s painful. And it takes a long time.

Painful or not, there is instant gratification that comes with gardening. Chris and I had a lot of fun watering our baby plants and removing the weeds. We are thankful for the beautiful lettuce, onions mint, herbs, peppers, and tomatoes that are growing healthy in our garden.


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