Spring is a busy work season for me. Due to my travels and working-weekends, I haven’t had time for cooking, eating good food, and blogging. In fact, through the chaos that is my life lately, I can hardly even remember what I ate this week, I’ve been in bed trying to catch up on some much needed R&R.

Summer is upon us, right? As this massive storm comes & goes this morning, I can hear the little birds chirping… but I’m ready for more: the warm sun on my face and the green grass below my bare feet…. swimming… and gardening….

I am excited for the outdoor opening of the Green City Market on May 4. This Lincoln Park market is by far my all-time favorite farmers market to attend, the people, the community, the farmers, the spirit, the activities. It just FEELS GOOD to be there, my favorite summertime past time. If nothing holds me back, I will be there first thing on May 4th to celebrate local foods and good weather.

Green City Market

And here are a few recipes that I am excited to make with items commonly found at the local Farmers Market:

a GREEN potato salad

homemade applesauce

marinated broccoli & mushrooms

fresh corn & tomato salad

carrot salad with summer apples and spearmint

apple parsnip bisque 

Green City Market

….in hopes that these April showers bring May flowers….