Often times, the people I meet think I’m a weirdo due to my obsession of food and my unwillingness to eat meat. These people don’t typically admit to how crazy & weird they think I am until they find conciousness and start thinking about giving up meat themselves. “I thought you were really weird,” they’ll say… “but now I get it…” This just happened to me yesterday by a dear friend of mine recently watched Forks Over Knives which took him over the edge, he’s gave up meat the moment he watched that video.

People give up meat/animal by-products for many different reasons, for instance another dear friend of mine asked me for advice on cooking vegetarian meals. I asked “why vegetarian?” He simply wanted to take steps toward a healthier lifestyle. A girlfriend of mine was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, she chose a plant-based diet instead of Rx medication. (her blog

veggie fest

My story is kind of funny. I was living in Minneapolis at the time and I was traveling a lot for work. One night while cruising through Midway airport in Chicago, waiting for my flight I stopped in to a book store to find a book to read. I was in a hurry, so I only scanned the end caps. I saw this book that looked funny, called Skinny Bitch. It was small, which appealed to me, my flight was only 50 minutes from take-off to touch-down. Another reason the book appealed to me is because I was well aware of the unhealthy lifestyle I was leading. I wasn’t working out at all and I was living off ice cream and cookies (purchased at a local drug store). I knew I needed to make some changes, however I don’t think I even really knew what the word “vegan” meant…. and I probably thought vegetarians were weirdos. “Picky eaters,” I would call them. I read Skinny Bitch on that flight and I haven’t consumed a piece of animal flesh since then. What I gained from that humorous, smart-mouthed book was a wakeup call and solid guidance. Conciousness.

So I began my journey as a vegetarian/vegan about 5 years ago. My world changed dramatically. My entire journey as a veggie girl has been fun & rewarding but it has also been a lot of work. I did a lot of self study, I stayed in on Saturday nights, googling information and recipes. The more information I found, the more information I wanted. Still to this day I seek information and recipes on a daily basis. Every day I focus on what’s for dinner. Planning a meal is not as easy as it used to be… but it’s way more fun… and rewarding. I am not perfect, and my eating habits are not perfect. I will never be perfect, but I will always remain well-aware and this is what most people on this earth lack. Awareness. 

If you are considering becoming a vegetarian/vegan, keep reading. I’ve got some hot tips for you. If you are not considering, you probably think this post is lame and crazy. Maybe you think of me as a “tree-hugging yoga person” like my boyfriend did when he first met me. Ha! 

  • Create & Define your story – Everyone has a different experience that leads them into a plant-based diet. As you are making this transition, and live this lifestyle, you may or may not receive support from others. In fact, you may get the exact opposite of support. People may think you are weird, or “picky.” People may make fun of you. Remember, they are ignorant and you are aware. Be grounded in your story and your goals, so as to not let ignorance get to you.
  • Read Skinny Bitch (or Skinny Bastard for the guys)
  • Read this blog post: Vegan How To
  • Check out what Heather Crosby, founder of keeps in her fridge
  • Browse through vegetarian recipes here & here 
  • visit to find vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants near you. Visit these restaurants and look at their menus for meal-inspiration. Often times at home, I recreate meals that I saw on a restaurants menu. Connect with the people at these restaurants to expand your resources and community.
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I am not perfect and I will never claim to be, but if you are a person who is looking for help in switching to a veggie lifestyle, please reach out to me. I am willing to help you just as I’ve helped & inspired many others in the past. Stay tuned, I’ve got more for you in future posts. (I get off on this stuff) 

veggie fest

“It is very significant that some of the most thoughtful and cultured men are partisans of a pure vegetable diet.”
Mahatma Gandhi Hindu pacifist and spiritual leader, (1869-1948)