yoga retreat

Over the weekend, I attended a Yoga Retreat that my girlfriend, Amy invited me to. Amy knows that I enjoy doing yoga and she participates in a monthly meditation group in addition to practicing meditation on a daily basis so we decided this retreat was something we could NOT miss out on. 

After a 30 minute meditation session in the morning (and a cup of warm ginger tea), we were asked to write down our goals and objectives for the day. My goal was simply to learn more about meditation and to practice. Meditation is something I have not practiced much outside of my yoga practice up until this retreat. Through guided meditation I learned to still my mind and my body.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”
Caroline Myss

I learned a great deal about bandhas, pranamaya, and asanas which are all terms that I’ve heard in many yoga classes but I never really understood the meaning of. Observing, balancing, directing, reconnecting, reweaving.

Pamela, our teacher of the day mentioned this line: “Become non-attached to your attachments.” I realized that I have become attached to my PHYSICAL yoga practice and I have not focused much on the spiritual, meditative aspect…..

You cannot have yoga without meditation and you can not have meditation without yoga. 

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