i am back home. from a country often mistaken as a Third World Country. where (many) people live in homes without windows and doors. they do not shower with hot water. they do not have WINDOWS or DOORS. OR HOT WATER. there are minimal street signs. there are no street names. addresses don’t exist. do they? work? money? eh. will-sell-lychees-on-the-side-of-the-street-for-money.

Costa Rica

a country that shows minimal litter. in fact, you would feel guilt from littering. there are no fast food joints. i saw one McDonalds and one WalMart. just one. of each. their food is fresh. organic. natural. they make do with what is available in their own country. you see a fruit growing on the tree, that fruit will be your breakfast. you see a fish swimming in the ocean, that fish will be your dinner. the Ticos don’t serve italian food and chinese food and thai food. they serve costa rican food. it wasn’t hard to find vegan food. in fact, i was pretty confident walking in to any restaurant or soda.

Waterfall Villas

do you know what eco-friendly means? the Ticos do. we ziplined through the Osa Mountain Village, hundreds of feet above the jungle platforms were bulit and ziplines were installed WITHOUT anything being screwed or nailed to the trees. don’t disrupt the natural surroundings.

Osa Canopy Tour

do you remember the days before mobile devices went mainstream, we had to stop at local gas stations to ask for directions if we were lost. sometimes, the gas station attendant was creepy. sometimes nice. sometimes helpful. sometimes, too creepy to stop. in Costa Rica, everyone is nice. and helpful. one guy even drew us up a map! we never once turned on our mobile devices in the country of Costa Rica. without legit street signs, we were free-ballin in a sense. there are no goole maps. just drawn out maps. well… and the maps provided by the rental car company. i… think… this is the right way…. uh… feels like the right way… let’s stop and ask. EVERYONE, regardless whether or not they spoke our language, was willing to help. this one family even let me use the restroom inside of their home! (we had been driving for hours) there are no McD’s or gas stations to stop at in time of need. well, you might find a gas station every 60 kilometers or so…

San Jose Costa Rica

this time of year marks the Green Season for Costa Rica, which doesn’t phase the locals one bit. they’re out with their bikes and scooters, umbrellas and ponchos. we were out too. i liked the rainy season. the weather was pleasant and predictable. the beaches weren’t crowded and we got extra attention at the hotels we stayed at.

Pura Vida
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