I don’t feel fat, but I do feel fat. Am I not alone?

Reality is, I simply want to shed 5 pounds off of my body. (in order to look more like those Victoria’s Secret models)

My midriff area was inherited from my mother & grandmother, who happen to be gorgeous women. However gorgeous, they both happen to have a challenge with belly fat.

The 1st step I need to take in order to shed 5 pounds is to change my eating habits. Although I eat mostly vegan, I don’t always eat healthy. Cupcakes, french fries, bread, flavored drinks, desserts, sugar, and refined carbs are my weaknesses. (these weaknesses also inherited from mom & grandma) While I tell myself that I have a minimum intake of these little devils, I can see that I may have let myself get out of control….

I’ll admit that I’m not completely willing to give up on desserts & sweet treats, I am committed to cutting back. Also, as mentioned in an earlier post, I have committed myself to eating 100% raw 3 days a week, every week.

The 2nd step I have taken is to get regular & cleanse my body. I’m doing the Yerba Prima Women’s Renew Internal Cleansing System which promotes the elimination of toxins from the colon, supports all body elimination systems, and helps to promote a normal, healthy intestinal environment.

The 3rd step: more CARDIO. If I want to lose weight, I have to work out more often. period. I already workout 3-4 times a week, but I need to train harder and longer. As soon as I finish up this blog post, I’m headed to boot camp.

Step 4: I’m going to drink more water… a lot more water. Water boots the metabolic rate and helps to burn calories. Water actually helps you maintain a flatter stomach, drinking enough water and maintaing proper hydration prevents the body from holding on to water weight. 

I’m not going to post photos of my progress simply because i’m fearful there will be no progress. Hey, I’m human. Don’t judge me. … much for keeping faith in myself, eh?….

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