A few years ago, before it was a common thing to do, I started sharing photos of the food I eat and over the years my friends & family have shown gratitude, thanking me for the inspiration. In fact many different people from my past have even mentioned notice of my attention to food, enjoying it more than I would have ever expected.

peace. love. quinoa

Now I notice many of my friends & family have picked up an obsession with food, posting photos of the food they eat on social media outlets. (ha!) I’d like to take sole responsibility for the Food Porn Photo craze that happens throughout my social network. *smiles*

These friends who enjoyed my posts the most recommended that I start a blog….. soooooo in July of 2012, peace. love. quinoa was born.

I am Crista, food obsessed. i currently live in Denver. i spend most of my time traveling, eating, blogging, gardening, and enjoying the mountain life.

I will not label myself a vegan, however I prefer to eat fresh, organic, vegan food. I may occasionally cheat on this lifestyle but chances are I won’t tell you about it. Secrets are meant to be kept.

Besides food, I enjoy blogging about things like yoga, swimming, hiking, rock climbing, photography, travel, fitness, and gardening

crista study

My goal in writing this blog is not only to create a memoir of my journey, and to stay on track with my personal goals but also to inspire others to live a more healthy & peaceful life.

I appreciate any and all who support my blog, peace. love. quinoa. If it weren’t for the support and encouragement of others, this blog would not exist.

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