A few days ago, I wrote a post about working on your fitness OUTDOORS.

Today, I offer you inspiration on what type of workout you can do outdoors whether you live in the city or the country.

SWIM – Whether you are in a pool, a lake, or the ocean, swimming is one of the most fun, low-impact, and challenging exercises you can do. You will only need 3 items: a swimsuit, goggles, and a swim cap. 

BIKE – Give up the motorized vehicles and ride a bike! Biking will give you a full body workout (including that core!) and decreased stress – no traffic jams!

NIKE TRAINING CLUB – Get lean, get strong, get focused…. and do it without much equipment. If you choose a routine that requires weights you don’t have on hand, find something heavy in your garage (like a sledgehammer.) Download the app on your smartphone.

RAID YOUR BACKYARD OR LOCAL PARK – Seek out monkey bars, benches, & trees. Utilize gravity, your yoga mat, and a resistance band. On my Pinterest Board, I have many different pins that will inspire you with different exercise routines to use outdoors (including resistance band training.) Men’s Fitness offers a few suggestions on how to Turn Any Park Into a Gym, and there are many different yoga apps you can download, my favorite is Pocket Yoga. It will take you through a 30, 45, or 60 minute yoga routine.   

TAKE A HIKE – Take a trip out to a state park and hike the trails. Not only will you become one with nature, you will improve your overall physical and mental health. I like to visit State Parks that offer a lake for swimming in addition to the hiking trails. Take a back pack filled with snacks and plenty of water! 

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